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BrewBox is a self-designed cold brew coffee starter kit and subscription service idea, conceptualized during my senior thesis at Farmingdale State College over the span of a year.

As part of the senior project, students typically showcase their commercial-grade projects at the end-of-semester expo trade show. These presentations incorporate various design elements, including graphic, web, product, and motion design. The ultimate aim for many students is to culminate their final semester with a polished professional portfolio and to embark on successful careers in their chosen field.

Take a look below at my work!

Lead and designed by Thomas Miranda (Farmingdale State College)

Artboard 1 copy 14.png

Marketing/Advertising Materials

Similar to any startup, BrewBox utilizes various marketing platforms to promote its business. The idea is to employ print materials, web design, trade shows, and other forms of collateral to reach our audience. Additionally, we heavily focus our marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram, leveraging these prominent social media platforms to maximize our visibility.

The App

The BrewBox app boasts a user-friendly interface that seamlessly aligns with the brand's aesthetic. Designed for both new and returning customers, it offers all essential functions in an efficiently organized manner. Experience it firsthand through the provided link above or below!