What is it?

BrewBox is a self-made cold brew coffee starter kit and subscription service concept that stemmed from Farmingdale State Colleges Senior Project course.

Senior project, and the expo trade-show that (normally) takes place towards the end of the semester is a presentation developed by prospective students who create realistic commercial-grade projects that utilize graphic, web, product, and motion design. The end goal for many of these students is to finish their final semester with a professional portfolio and a successful career in the field.

Check out my final Adobe Spark presentation that introduces BrewBox and how I got from concept to completion. From the packaging to the company app, to the coffee sourcing, and our target audience and how we reach them, it’ll take you through the process behind the cold brew coffee company I created.

Marketing/Advertising Strategies 

BrewBox is marketing the business through several different platforms. Print materials, web, trade shows, and promotional materials like corporate collateral are the route we chose for promoting this business. Facebook and Instagram, being two of the biggest social media platforms of current times, are where we heavily market ourselves.

The App

The BrewBox official application is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and matches the aesthetic of the brand throughout. With all the functions a customer needs, whether they may be new or returning, the content within the app is organized efficiently and clearly. Take a look for yourself using the link provided above or below!

Our Audience

Those who indulge in coffee consumption are undoubtedly the target audience for BrewBox, however, it doesn’t end there.


BrewBox has set out to make sure that the services and products they offer attract an audience that is unique, sophisticated, and infiltrated with individuals who’ll continue to use the products they offer repetitively throughout their day-to-day lives.

Brand Identity

Light, earthy, and natural tones are used throughout the BrewBox brand identity as well as two distinct fonts with varying weights throughout.

There's so much more...

Please click the links below to take an even further in-depth look at the research, time, and effort that went into this project.

The Farmingdale State College Senior Project BrewBox E-Book sums up the entire project from concept to completion. With over 70 pages demonstrating how this project was created, my E-Book explains it all. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to scroll all the way down here to view one of my most favorite and longest-running projects I’ve created.