Hubert's Lemonade

A combination of magazine, advertisements, and product catalog spreads for Hubert’s Lemonade. I chose to display the product with various graphic elements making it pop and relate to the product itself. Explore my creative concepts for the company below.

Outdoor advertising in public spaces like billboards, bus stops, or even on busses is a great way to bring attention to a specific product. I chose what I believe would be the best fit for Hubert’s Lemonade and would likely be the most realistic approach the company would actually take if they were to run these ads.

The Hubert’s Lemonade product catalog concept highlights the flavors of each lemonade and gives interesting and informative facts about the specific fruit flavors within. Hence the name ‘Flavor Guide’, this catalog is great for understanding a little more about the flavors while also becoming educated about the brand as a whole.