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Peacock Ad Products

Peacock, NBCUniversal's streaming platform, stands out in the digital advertising landscape by offering a diverse array of over 20 ad products tailored to meet the branding needs of its clients. These offerings encompass a wide spectrum of formats and placements, allowing advertisers to effectively engage with Peacock's extensive audience while driving profits.

The pause ad stands out as one of the most sought-after ad products offered by Peacock, owing to its innovative approach in delivering a high-impact yet unobtrusive advertising experience. This unique format addresses the challenge of viewer engagement during moments of pause, transforming what was once a fleeting break in content consumption into a valuable advertising opportunity.

Take a look below of some of the creatives I've designed with clients such as Samsung, Discover, Dove, Olly, Polestar, Subaru, UBER, and more!

Lead and designed by Thomas Miranda (NBCU)


Animated Ad Products

Peacock continues to distinguish itself in the digital advertising space by offering a dynamic array of animated ad products designed to captivate audiences and drive brand engagement. Among these innovative offerings are the binge ad, pod bounce, and solo ad, each leveraging animation and interactivity to deliver memorable and impactful advertising experiences.

Contextual ad products, one of my favorites, seamlessly integrate with the content viewers are consuming, subtly nodding to the show without directly utilizing its intellectual property. These innovative ad formats enhance the viewer experience by delivering relevant and engaging brand messaging that aligns with the tone and themes of the programming, all while respecting intellectual property rights. Shown below, you’ll see how I referenced Peacock’s Emmy award winning series Poker Face to align with a Dove sponsored solo ad. Check out my work below!

Lead and designed by Thomas Miranda (NBCU), video animation by Michael Park (NBCU)