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In an exciting first to market opportunity, Progressive will react live to NBCU content. From the quippy Real Housewife who always has the last word to the sports anchor always coining a new catch phrase, fans can count on NBCU talent to bring them quotable content they love. Just as our talent can always be counted on for a great quote, so can Progressive. In an evergreen graphics campaign that humorously nods to that wordplay, we’ll parallel the reliability of NBCU’s talent with the reliability of Progressive to bring viewers a reliably great quote. 


How it plays out: An animated billboard with the greatest quote of the episode will bridge the show and Progressive’s brand spot, tying Progressive to the IP in real time. The billboard will include a scannable QR code driving to Progressive’s website that remains on screen through the brand spot.

Take a look below at the graphics and iconography I created to align with Progressive's brand while subtly nodding to the network we're showcasing.

Lead and designed by Thomas Miranda (NBCU), project managed by Gabriella Bates (NBCU), animated by Michael Parks (NBCU)

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